The ISIH 2024 conference will be held in the Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building at the heart of AUT’s campus in the centre of Auckland.

The Sir Paul Reeves Building (listed as the WG building on campus maps) is one of AUT’s flagship learning spaces, with ample lecture, workshop, and breakout space available to us.

You can see an interactive campus map here.

Because the conference runs two weeks before the start of the academic year, the campus will be quiet, meaning we will have lots of room to spread out.

You can see some images of the award-winning Sir Paul Reeves Building here and here, which will give you a sense of the space we will be working in.

Getting around Auckland

You can find some helpful guides here:

Good food and drink Auckland

Auckland is blessed with some fantastic cafes, small eateries, and fancy restaurants.

If you’d like a local’s take on the best places to go, this Facebook page is fantastic:¬†