At ISIH 2024 we want to break away from the traditional competitive contest of wills that you find at many conferences.

To that end, we’ll be experimenting with a range of different kinds of presentations at the ISIH 2024 conference.
Each of these is designed to make the conference more conversational, and less adversarial.

Formal presentations

These are the traditional conference-style presentations, but presenters will be given 40 minutes to present their work – ideally 20 for their presentation, and 20 minutes for discussion.

Informal presentations

We have a range of options here:

Networking sessions – Here you can discuss your ideas and work at a round-table meeting with a small group of people with similar interests.

Workshop sessions – Bring your work and ideas like the networking sessions, but these will be facilitated by an expert and focus on developing a particular theory or theorist.

Open mic sessions – Open forums for people to share fledgling ideas, explore possible collaborations and develop innovative proposals.

When you submit your abstract you’ll be asked which kind of presentation you’d like to use. You’ll be able to change this as we get closer to the conference date.

Building your own research stream

We’re also going to experiment with conference streams built by the presenters. After your abstract is accepted, we’ll send you a link to a Google doc where you can start your own stream or nest your presentation with others you think are doing similar work. You’ll be able to change this right up to the conference opening as more people post up their talks.