ISIH 7th International Conference

Technologies, bodies and healthcare

Sydney, Australia
June 7-9, 2018
Conference Program 

ISIH 6th International Conference

Challenging Health Inequity: A Call to Action

Mallorca, Spain
June 10-12, 2015
Conference Program 

ISIH 5th International Conference

From the Margins: Radical Thoughts for Health Practices and Research

Montreal, Canada
July 18-20, 2013
Conference Program
Book of Abstracts

ISIH 4th International Conference

Changing Professional Practices and New Notions of Health and Illness  

Odense, Denmark
May 4–6, 2011
Conference Program

ISIH 3rd International Conference

Government of the Self in the Clinic and the Community

Victoria, Canada
April 17–19, 2009
Conference Program

ISIH 2nd International Conference

Shaping Health Care: Power & Agency

Reykjavik, Iceland
June 23–25, 2004
Conference Program

ISIH 1st International Conference

The inaugural ISIH conference

Melbourne, Australia
May 2002
Conference Program