The themes for ISIH 2024 are diagnosis • destruction • voice • assemblage.

Firstly, these reflect the four main research interests of our keynote speakers. But they also represent four powerful motifs of contemporary healthcare.

They speak to the ways we consume healthcare and the people who use it. They shape the way healthcare technologies develop, and they drive the motives of governments, health professionals, service users, their families, and communities. And they shape the spaces taken up by healthcare in society and the networks of power at play.

All of these things are of interest to the In Sickness and In Health community.

So if your work engages with critical health questions in any of the following areas, you will find many like-minded practitioners, scholars, and students at the ISIH 2024 conference:

• Technologies and the body
• Dominance and class, race, gender, sexuality, or other structured categories of difference
• Points of resistance
• Critical aspects of health professional practice
• Postcolonial futures
• Ethics in health care in the 21st century
• Post-human conceptions of health and disease
• The Global South and inequities of healthcare access
• Planetary and environmental justice, health, and equity
• Indigenous epistemologies
• The governance of health priorities
• Social justice
• The arts, humanities, and health
• Digital disruption and post-professional futures for healthcare
• Citizenship and migration
• The aesthetics of care
• Discourses of healthcare
• Democratisation of health care, research, and systems
• Intensification of governmentality and its processes
• Neoliberalism, neo-conservatism, and social injustice
• Spaces and places of health production
• Ideologies of risk