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Contemporary concerns for health equity, people’s unequal access to affordable care, pervasive health governance, ethically questionable techno-medicine, and the growing influence of surveillance capitalism on people’s sense of self and other, are presenting a disturbingly nihilistic picture of society in the early 21st century.

Amidst more than half a century of resistance, activism, and ideological challenge, we continue to face the spectre of intensified and resurgent fascism, staggering wealth and grinding poverty, and a sixth species extinction. Within our contemporary context, the landscape of healthcare is changing, such that radical new ways of thinking about health and the relationships between health, bodies, and the world are now urgently needed. It is these new ways of thinking that are of key interest for this conference.

Supporting radical rethinking, recent years have seen a turn to the ‘posts’ (post-humanism, post-disciplinarity, post-qualitative, etc.), that challenge the binaries that have long dominated the critical health movement. Questions now being posed by the ‘posts’ offer a starting point for a revolution in critical health theory and practice. Diverse in origin and philosophy, these perspectives share a common interest in the radical reappraisal of the kinds of human hubris that has brought us now to the brink of global catastrophe.

These perspectives ask how the future of health can be met and open spaces for a multiplicity of ideas and concepts regarding health and the future of health care, which may be approached through countless combinations of methodologies and philosophies. They also provide the opportunity to explore what post-human healthcare might look like in decades to come.
In keeping with its core purpose, the 8th ISIH International Conference concerns itself with issues of health equity, health care systems and governance.

It also provides a forum for researchers, clinicians and students interested in critical, ethical, philosophical and political approaches to health and health care.

In addition, at this conference, we will be opening a space for radical new ways:

  • to critique health inequity;
  • to conceptualise the social determinants of poor health and environmental degradation;
  • to consider new approaches to education, research and scholarship; and
  • to innovate and engage with new creative modes of practice and thinking that use digital and other technologies for transformative change.

Abstracts are invited from those looking to engage in renewed conversations about and extend our understanding of critical health theory and practice within our contemporary world.

Key Dates



  • February 28 Call for abstracts closes (II)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the celebration of the conference has been postponed to next year, 9th-11th June, 2021.
As soon as posible, the scientific comittee will announce the new deadlines for abstract submission and registration. So, they remain without date: